The red bean refers to the ripe fruit of the jasmine scented flower of the coffee plant. It is when the fruit has reached perfection. Red Bean Roastery is about capturing this moment in a perfect cup of coffee. We have made it our mission to bring our customers a great cup of coffee whenever they visit a Red Bean Roastery.



It’s about a quality coffee experience, easily accessible, in great locations. And the mission – to deliver great coffee every day to our customers.



Red Bean Roastery is about delivering a great cup of coffee to our customers in a contemporary and comfortable environment. Red Bean Roastery is a space to catch up with a friend, put the finishing touches to a presentation, check your e-mails and social media, have an informal meeting, discuss a new strategy or share tid-bits of information.

Our coffee is enjoyed in great locations. We have put time and thought into our coffee spaces allowing our customers the perfect environment to catch up with an old friend or catch up on their e-mails. These are flexible and accommodating spaces that offer comfort and atmosphere designed to bring our customers back time and time again.




Our Food

Every Red Bean Roastery offers our customers the delicious choice of freshly baked pastries, sweet and savoury treats.  Pastries are made fresh in our kitchen daily and served with delicious preserves just to your liking.

Sample Menu