Perfection in every cup

What truly elevates our coffee is the craft and care our baristas put into perfecting every cup.

Meet Jennifer, Our very talented Coffee Shop Manager at Red Bean Roastery Leopardstown located at Clayton Hotel Leopardstown.

Jennifer Mc Enery started her barista career with us in the Red Bean Roastery Coffee shop Leopardstown in 2018. Where she has spent the past 3 years bringing endless smiles to customer faces. It was here she trained and learned the specific skills and techniques needed to become a Barista.

“It may look quick and easy to make a cup of coffee but there is quite a lot more work involved in producing a great tasting cup of coffee! It took time to master a beautiful shaped heart on my coffees but once I did it truly gives you a greater sense of pride of the work you do”

Jennifer won ‘Best Eatery – Café/Coffee Shop’ at the Sandyford Business District Awards 2019

A typical day in the life of Jennifer:

The Day starts early!

One of the first things I do every morning is to calibrate the coffee. There is no better feeling then seeing the smiles on your customers faces when they taste that first sip of coffee! ?

Each and every day our regular customers come in to the coffee shop and its lovely to be part of their daily routine as they are to mine. I love the chats and laughs we have with one another and this is what makes work each day so enjoyable.

The past year has brought it’s up and downs for us all with Covid-19. Our business had to navigate through strange and difficult times. But, thankfully through our amazing team and continued supportive customers we are able to keep the show on the road! I look forward to the hustle and bustle about the place again and to see all the many customers come back through the doors.

It’s always nice to have a coffee made for you for a change!! So in my free time I love to visit other Coffee Shops to taste their coffee while treating myself to something sweet!!

Fun Facts about Jennifer:

Jenny’s Coffee preference:       –           Coconut Latte

Favourite coffee to make:         –           Flat White