Perfection in every cup

What truly elevates our coffee is the craft and care our baristas put into perfecting every cup.

Meet Leo, Our very talented barista at Clayton Hotel Liffey Valley.

Guoliang (Leo) Sun started his barista career in Dublin at the historic Bewley’s Café on Grafton street, where he spent 3 years as a Barista and learnt his trade. From there Leo moved to Clayton Hotel Liffey Valley where he has spent the past 3 years bringing endless smiles to customer faces.


Leo has recently become a champion in ‘Latte Art’ within the Dalata Hotel Group and was voted fifth best in Ireland at CATEX 2019.


A typical day in the life of Leo:

It is an early start, with Leo starting his morning at 06.30am. While the rest of the country is just getting up, Leo is preparing his Red Bean Roastery area with all he requires for the day ahead.


The morning time is generally Leo’s busiest time of day. The coffee lovers who pass through the doors are mixture of guests in house, corporates on route to start their day and locals who come in to get a ‘Leo Special’ coffee. With so many daily regulars coming through the front door, Leo knows before they get to the counter, what exactly they are going to order.


Fun Facts about Leo:

Leo’s Coffee preference: –            Latte

Latte Art Favourite:         –              Swan

Leo’s Mantra:                    –              Good Coffee = Happiness!