The best time to drink coffee

Drinking Coffee in the Morning

For many of us, making a morning coffee is top priority every morning. However, you might be trying to get your coffee boost too soon. Cortisol is a stress hormone which is high 30-45 minutes after waking. Caffeine affects this hormone and experts say that the best time to grab a morning coffee is mid-morning. For example, if you wake at 7, the perfect time will be between 10am and noon. By delaying your coffee a few hours, you will get an extra caffeine boost for longer. If you can wait that long!

Drinking Coffee Before exercise

Coffee is a performance enhancer. If you are looking to use caffeine to optimise your workout it is suggested you drink a coffee 30-60 minutes before your workout. Another benefit of this is that it is can be cheap. Grab an instant coffee or a barista coffee from your Red Bean Roastery!

Drinking Coffee Before Exams

May people use coffee to improve focus coming up to exams. However, having a coffee right before an exam can leave you feeling anxious and give you brain fog. Studies show the optimal time to drink coffee for focus and alertness is mid-morning and four hours later.

Drinking Coffee At night

What’s the best time to drink coffee at night? Well, if you want a good night sleep the answer is don’t drink coffee at night! Depending on the person coffee can stay in our system for 3-5 hours. So, to avoid a restless night’s sleep it is recommended you drink your last coffee 6 hours before bed time, just in case!

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